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Coaching, auf Deine Bedürfnisse zugeschnitten

Wenn Du gerade Unterstützung brauchst, Dich persönlich weiterentwickeln möchtest oder einfach mal mit jemandem Deine Gedanken sortieren möchtest, verbinden wir Dich kostenlos mit qualifizierten Life-Coaches. 

Finde einen Coach, der/die zu Dir passt und Dich auf Deinem Weg unterstützt. 


Wann kann Coaching helfen?

Coaching ist eine Investition in Dein Wohlbefinden. 



Das Leben ist nicht immer einfach. Manchmal fühlt es sich herausfordernd, ungerecht und erschöpfend an. 

Unsere psychologischen Expert:innen können Dir helfen, mit den aktuellen Herausforderungen Deines Lebens umzugehen.

Innerer Frieden ist auch in turbulenten Zeiten möglich.

  1. Geringes Selbstvertrauen & Selbstwertgefühl

  2. Umgang mit schwierigen Zeiten

  3. Einsamkeit

  4. Unzufriedenheit

  5. Stress, Erschöpfung & Burn-out

  6. Ängste, Sorgen & Panikattacken 

  7. Persönliche Krisen

  8. Blockaden & Trauma

  9. Umgang mit Gesundheitsdiagnosen

  10. Unsicherheit über Gefühle & Bedürfnisse

Coaching Session, Coach Matching, Coach Wave
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Coach-Wave macht qualitatives Coaching 
transparent & einfach


Melde Dich bei Coach-Wave an


Sag uns kurz worum es geht


Unser Algorithmus zeigt Dir 3-5 Coaches,

die zu Dir passen könnten


Trete mit einem Coach in Kontakt,

der/die Dir zusagt


Vereinbare ein kostenloses & unverbindliches "Kennenlerngespräch"


Lerne den Coach kennen und stelle offene Fragen


Plane Deine erste Coaching-Session!

Oder lerne einen anderen Coach kennen

Wer sind die Coaches bei Coach-Wave?

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Bei Coach-Wave arbeiten wir mit zertifizierten Coaches, Psycholog:innen und Psychotherapeut:innen.

Wir überprüfen sorgfältig ihre Qualifikationen und Erfahrung, um sicherzustellen, dass alle unsere Coaches ausgebildet sind, Dir helfen zu können.

Mit unserem transparentem Peer-Review-System kannst Du nachvollziehen, wie unsere Coaches anderen Personen bereits geholfen haben.

Hier findest Du unserer Coaches:


Wir arbeiten nur mit zertifizierten Coaches, Psycholog:innen und  Psychotherapeut:innen


Wir sind für Deine gesamte Reise hier, um dein persönliches Wachstum nach deinem Maßstab zu unterstützen.


Plane Deine Coaching-Sitzungen einfach über unsere Plattform.


Wir achten auf höchste Sicherheit und Datenschutz-Standards

Warum Coach-Wave?

Wir glauben an Coach-Wave!

“Ich habe schon länger einen Coach gesucht, bevor ich Coach-Wave gefunden habe, war es ein Jungle da draußen und ich wusste nicht wo ich anfangen soll zu suchen. Über Coach-Wave ging es dann ganz schnell”

Laura, 25 


“Als selbständiger Coach kommen meine Coachees meist über persönliche Empfehlungen. Coach-Wave ermöglicht es, dass Cochees mich nun viel einfacher finden.

Anne, 58 

“Prävention ist unglaublich wichtig, wir sehen immer mehr Fälle von mentalen Krankheitsbildern, die vermeidbar wären - Coach-Wave ist eine tolles Produkt dafür”

Christian, 49

Registriere Dich jetzt über unsere Web-App

Melde Dich jetzt an und werde mit Deinen zukünftigen Coaches verbunden.
Wenn Du Fragen hast, kontaktiere uns gerne:

  • Why is investing in coaching worth it?
    Coaching helps you to find your own solutions to challenges. Often very quickly, before the issues become bigger. It shows you your own strengths and has an encouraging and motivating effect. As it is practical and solution-oriented, the focus is on helpful changes and possible next steps. Typically, you also take away helpful insights and possible courses of action for future challenges. The earlier you work on your issues with a coach, the better - and often they don't become as big as you feared :)
  • Are coachings taking place online or in person?
    It all depends on what you prefer. All our coaches offer online coaching. However, if you are in the same city, the coaching could also take place in person. It's best to discuss this with each other.
  • What is the process of arranging a meeting with a coach?
    After you have registered, you answer a few questions that are important for your coach (e.g. subject area, age, level of experience, etc.). Based on your answers, we will suggest 3-5 coaches who might be a good fit for you.  Now you can take your time to look at the coaches' profiles with their ratings/prices/level of experience, etc. You can then simply contact the coach who appeals to you and arrange a free introductory meeting. The free introductory meeting is offered by each of our coaches. If the vibe is right, you'll make an appointment for your coaching session.
  • When is Coaching not the right thing?
    Coaching cannot replace psychotherapy and is not the right thing to do if you are in an acute emergency situation. If you find yourself in an acute crisis or emergency situation, please call 112 or contact the following (free of charge): German telephone counseling/crisis service: +49 800 - 1110111 or +49 800 - 1110222 ( ) Anonymous help for children and young people: (online counseling) Counseling for people under 25 with suicidal thoughts: (e-mail counseling)
  • What is a chemistry meeting?
    The chemistry meeting is a first, quick & free-of-charge meeting between the Coach and the coachee so both can get to know each other and see if they harmonize well before scheduling the first coaching session. The length of the meeting varies depending on the coach between 10-30 min.  PS: If you don't enjoy the introductory meeting, you can simply contact another coach.
  • How much is a coaching?
    The coach sets the price for coaching himself, so it can vary between coaches (usually 50-150€/h). Payment is handled directly between you and your coach. You will always see the coach's price, level of experience and ratings in their profile.  PS: Many coaches offer reduced prices for students ;)
  • What is a coachee?
    A coachee is the person who is supported by a coach. The coach provides impulses, feedback and strategies to help the coachee achieve his/her goals, overcome challenges and develop his/her individual potential. A coach, on the other hand, provides structure, guidance, and feedback to help the coachee to maximize their potential and achieve desired outcomes.
  • What’s the difference between coaches/psychologists/psychotherapists?
    Psychologists are people who have a Bachelor's or Master's degree in psychology. Psychological psychotherapists have completed 3-5 years of state-recognized additional training in psychotherapy in addition to their Bachelor's and Master's degree in psychology.  The terms psychologist and psychotherapist are legally protected terms.  "Coach" is not a protected term. This means that anyone can call themselves a coach and charge privately. That is why we carefully check that all our coaches have a completed and recognized coaching license.  PS: All coaches on Coach-Wave are psychologists, licensed psychotherapists or have a completed and recognized coaching license.
  • What is coaching?
    A typical coaching session lasts around one to two hours. During this session, you will be supported in finding solutions to your challenges. Sometimes a single coaching session is enough to change your perspective, motivate you to take the next steps and bring about lasting change. The basic attitude in coaching is that we all have the necessary tools within us to lead a fulfilling life. However, we sometimes lack access to our "resources". This is exactly where coaching can help us to open up new perspectives and take the next steps.
  • How is life coaching different from therapy?
    Psychotherapy focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders (psychopathology) and is usually a process that extends over a longer period of time.  Coaching is not used on the basis of a medical diagnosis. It is used to achieve personal goals, solve problems (or master challenges) and thus to develop personal potential and individual development. Coaching is solution-oriented and focuses very strongly on the future.
  • Who are the coaches on Coach-Wave?
    At Coach-Wave, we only work with licensed coaches, psychologists and trained psychotherapists. We carefully review their training and experience and provide you with their feedback. In this way, we relieve you of the difficult search for a qualified coach who suits you.  (This does not constitute a legal claim against Coach-Wave) Should you have any concerns about a coach, please reach out to us:
  • Is there a fee to use Coach-Wave?
    For Coachees:  No - we help you find a Coach who fits your needs free of charge!  Because we believe that coaching is a great resource that should be easily available for everyone! For Coaches: For now, Coach-Wave is free for you to use. :)  
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